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Bag filter is a kind of multi-purpose filter equipment with novel structure, small volume, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, airtight work and strong applicability. Bag filter is a kind of pressure filter device, which is mainly composed of three parts: filter container, supporting net and filter bag. When the bag filter is used to filter the liquid, the liquid enters from the liquid inlet on the side or below of the filter container, and rushes into the filter bag from the top of the filter bag supported by the net blue. The filter bag is expanded due to the impact of the liquid and the uniform pressure surface, so that the liquid material is evenly distributed on the inner surface of the whole filter bag, and the liquid passing through the filter bag is along the metal support net blue wall. It is discharged from the outlet at the bottom of the filter. The filtered particles are trapped in the filter bag to complete the filtration process. In order to keep the filter smooth and accurate and ensure that the downstream liquid is not polluted, the machine should be shut down after a period of operation, the end cover of the filter should be opened, the intercepted matter and the filter bag should be taken out together, and the new filter bag should be replaced. The replacement period depends on the actual situation. Different filter precision depends on different filter bags.

Material: SS304; 316; 316L, carbon steel

Surface treatment: mirror polishing, sandblasting, etc.

Import and export form: flange, quick mounting, thread.

Other specifications can be customized.

The theoretical flow rate is the reference value of water treatment. The actual value will vary with the viscosity, impurity content and pressure difference of the liquid.


Product features:


1.Bag filter has the advantages of large capacity, small volume and large capacity.

2.Based on the working principle and structure of the bag filter system, it is convenient and fast to replace the filter bag, and the filter is free of cleaning, saving labor and time.

3.The side leakage rate of filter bag is small, which effectively ensures the filtration quality.

4.The bag filter can bear more working pressure, with small pressure loss, low operation cost and obvious energy saving effect.

5.The filtration accuracy of the filter bag has been continuously improved, and now it has reached 0.5um.

6.The filter bag can be used repeatedly after cleaning to save cost.

7.Bag filter has a wide range of applications, flexible use and various installation method.

Scope of application:

Widely used in machine tool grinding fluid, coating, paint, beer, vegetable oil, medicine, chemicals, cosmetics, petroleum products, textile chemicals, photosensitive chemicals, electroplating solution, milk, mineral water, hot flux, latex, industrial water, sugar, resin, ink, fruit juice, edible oil, wax and other industries.

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