500 Micron Wedge Wire Screen Tube SS304 Wastewater Treatment

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Wedge wire filter tube, also known as slot mesh tube, Johnson screen tube, T-shaped /V Shaped  wire filter tube, fully wound welding wire tube or Johnson Screen tube, is spirally wound on the axial support rib by high-precision surface wire, and the support rib and surface wire are firmly welded with each other by resistance welding. These filter elements have the characteristics of high precision, small gap opening and excellent roundness. The gap pipe can be equipped with necessary end cover, flange, screw thread and other connectors and stiffeners.

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Wedge Wire Screen Features:

1. Precision V-shaped wire winding, with self-cleaning function, is conducive to back washing and is not easy to be blocked.

2. The surface is smooth without edges and corners, and the roundness is excellent

3. The gap is uniform, the small gap is controlled at 20 microns, and the error is 0.005mm. It can be customized according to the use requirements of customers

4. The structure is diversified and the filtering direction is diverse. Flexible customized production can be carried out according to customer requirements. The filtering direction can be adjusted according to customer requirements, from inside to outside or from outside to inside.

5. Self supporting and welded skeleton structure has high strength and pressure bearing capacity

6. Corrosion resistance and long service life

7. Material selection: stainless steel 304,316L, 904L, Hastelloy

8. Wedge shaped wire filter tubes are widely used in water treatment, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, solid-liquid separation, starch filtration and other industries.

Diameter: customized according to customer requirements.

Gap: gap above 50 micron can be produced

Main uses of wedge-shaped mesh filter element: it is used for screening in petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, food and beverage, metallurgy, coal and other industries and filtration of water treatment, etc.


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