Cone filter temporary filter with sintered mesh,woven mesh or perforated mesh

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Conical,basket types

High pressure resistance,high temperature resistance

Corrosion and rust resistance

Efficient flow rating

Customized size is available

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cone filter is also known as temporary conical filter made of sintered mesh,perforated mesh or woven mesh.

The filter is a design that extends on the basis of the filter plate,it is increased the filtration area,and easy to unload.It is designed to offer good protection for expensive pumps,values meters and other mechanical equipment.

These filters can be manufactured in various sizes and specifications, using a wide variety of materials. Usually placed inline in a fluid stream, they are generally used for high-velocity fluid flow applications.

Their design includes a perforated cone supporting one or more fine wire meshes, as per the filtration requirement. flat hat strainers are the most common type of conical filters used in industry, due to their well-established design and effective filtration qualities.

Materialthe standard material are SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316L,other material is available for customer requirement

Specification below is needed to quote:(best with drawing)

Handle size

Flange thickness

End connection

Open area

Installation instructions

Put gas filter between two flanges

Two gaskets should be fitted on two sides

Fasten bolts,make sure filter is in the precise position



Transporting and filtering solid particles in chemical,pharmaceutical,pesticide and food industries

Cone filter Sintered wire mesh specification:

Model Nominal Rating
Structure Thickness mm AirPermeability
Bubble Point Pressure
A5-1 1 200+400×3000+200+12×64+64×12 1.7 1.81 360-600
A5-2 2 100+325×2300+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 2.35 300-590
A5-5 5 100+200×1400+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 2.42 260-550
A5-10 10 100+165×1400+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 3.00 220-500
A5-15 15 100+165×1200+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 3.41 200-480
A5-20 20 100+165×800+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 4.50 170-450
A5-25 25 100+165×600+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 6.12 150-410
A5-30 30 100+400+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 6.70 120-390
A5-40 40 100+325+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 6.86 100-350
A5-50 50 100+250+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 8.41 90-300
A5-75 75 100+200+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 8.70 80-250
A5-100 100 100+150+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 9.10 70-190
Thickness: 1.7(mm); Porosity : ~37%;Weight kg/m²: 5-layers sintered wire mesh (8.4) 6-layers sintered wire mesh (14.4)6-layers construction adds additional 12 mesh to ordinary 5-layers mesh for better pressure resistance, thus thickness reaches 3.5mm.

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