Self-cleaning Filter Industry Water Filtration 30m3 per hour

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Self-cleaning Filter Industry Water Filtration 30m3 per hour

Emancipate the labor force, improve production efficiency, reduce downtime loss and improve output

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Self-cleaning Filter Industry Water Filtration 30m3 per hour



Automatic backwash filter is a kind of self-cleaning filter that consists of multiple stainless steel filer elements and can continuously perform filtration for 24 hours.

Automatic Backwash Filter for High Flow, Low Viscosity Liquids Filtration

Automatic online continuous filtration, continuous filtration during backwashing to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

The control system can be tailored to monitor pressure and time settings for various fluids.

Gap type high performance filter is adopted, which features high precision, large effective filter area, small pressure drop and high backwash efficiency.

Compact design ensures that installation requires minimal space and is easy to install. The inlet and outlet ports are adjustable according to end users’ requirements.

Filter rating 50–2000 μm, suitable for the filtration of all kinds of raw water, cooling water, process water and low viscosity fluids with a viscosity of less than 40 mPa.s and impurity content less than 300 ppm.

Working Principle

The unfiltered liquid flows into the automatic backwash filter from the inlet (3), 50% of the liquid flows through the central distribution tube, moves towards the top of the filter (4) and enters filter elements from the top (5). The other part of the liquid flows into filter elements directly from the bottom of the filter (6). The unfiltered liquid enters filter elements from the upper and lower ends at the same time and flows out from the outlet after filtering (7).

When the pressure drop or time reaches the preset value (9), the automatic backwash procedure is triggered. The gear motor drives the back-flushing rotation arm (1) to backwash the filter elements in turn while the filtration continues. During backwashing, the upper end of the filter element is covered by the sliding block (2) and then the back-flushing valve opens. The differential pressure between the outside of the filter element and back-flushing outlet makes the clean filtrate reversely flush the inner surface of filter element (8). The washed down impurities are discharged through the sewage pipe.


Automatic backwash filer can effectively filter out solid particle contaminants from water and low viscosity liquids (such as rolling emulsion, etc.), so that the liquid cleanliness can meet the system operation and downstream process requirements and protect the downstream key equipment. As a result, automatic backwash filers are widely used in the following industries.

Oil & gas. Injection well water filtration; act as a pre-filter for hydrocracking, hydrogenation modification, hydrorefining and hydrodesulfurization reactor to prevent the catalyst bed from clogging;

Metallurgy. Rolling mill coolant filtration;

Marine filtration system. Seawater desalination filtrationballast water filtration;

Water treatment. Boiler supply water filtration;

Pulp & paper. Starch slurry filtrationpaper making water filtration.

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