Water treatment Self Cleaning Filter

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Self cleaning Filter discription:

The scraper type self-cleaning filter is a kind of filter which takes the metal wedge-shaped screen as the filter element and automatically removes the particle impurities on the outer surface of the filter element by mechanical scraping. The filter is suitable for impurity separation and filtration of suspension, especially for impurity separation of viscous liquid.
Scraper type self-cleaning filter is mainly composed of filter system, filter shell and drive assembly.

There are two driving modes of scraper type self-cleaning filter, one is motor driven, which is called electric scraper type self-cleaning filter, and the other is cylinder driven, which is called pneumatic scraper type self-cleaning filter.

Self cleaning Filter Construction:
1. Cylinder drive system
2. Filter housing
3. Control box
4. Filter inlet
5. Filter outlet
6. Wedge wire filter
7. Sewage outlet
8. Outrigger

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