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Stainless Steel Disc Filter Introduction:

Disc filter is excellent filters for filtration, cleaning and drying (simply for three-in-one).

It’s main filter material is made of multi-layer stainless steel sintered wire mesh welded with flange to round disc shape or cone shape. It is mainly used in the three-in-one or two-in-one equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry etc.

Disc Filter Element used in high viscosity melt filtration device, easy removal of hard impurities and condensate.

Disc Filter Element can be reused and cleaned many times.

Filter media:  Stainless steel sintered felt and stainless steel sintered wire mesh.


High hardness, High strength, High-durability
Long working life
Easy to clean
Easy for installation

Filtration rate: 1-200μm
OD: 200-3000mm
Structure: unibody or split-body

Equipment of pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry.

Hanke Filter can be customized by your demands

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