Emulsion filter milk filter With Tri Clamp/Welded/Threaded/flanged Pipe Fittings

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The  emulsion filter uses a cylinder or a geared motor as a power device. It has impurity removal rates for materials with different viscosity ranges to ensure smooth filtration. The minimum filter element accuracy of the emulsion self-cleaning filter is 20 microns to meet various complex working conditions. By detecting the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter, it sends a signal to the PLC, automatically executes the cleaning command, and automatically discharges the sewage. After each filtration, the filter screen needs to be cleaned in time to prevent the emulsion from drying on the filter screen, and a flushing port is added. After each filtration, the filter screen is flushed through the flushing port.

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Working principle:filter is used to prevent the solid particles from media mixed into the follow-up pipeline facilities.The larger solid particles or impurities will remaining in it after the media is put into proper filter core,,as it can reach the request.When sorrounding pressure of the filter exceeds demand,or when the filter core is damaged,you can remove the filter,clean or change new filter core,and re-install it.

Filters can be matched by different cores according to usage requirements.There are three types of cores(metal mesh,perforated plate and wire).The filtering capabilities are as follows:



1. saving water resources

2. good anti-corrosion,long service life

3. compact structure, large filtering area, high dirt holding capacity, small pipeline pressure loss, and low power consumption;

4. easy to operate, maintenance-free, and long life.

5. Intelligent control of the emulsion filter, automatic operation of filtration, cleaning, and sewage discharge, realizing unattended and uninterrupted water supply;

6. Uninterrupted water supply.

7. easy to repair and maintain


 Milk,juice production,fine chemicals, water treatment, papermaking, automotive industry, petrochemical, mechanical processing, coatings, electronics, etc.

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