100 micron Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Food and Beverage Processing Wedge Wire Screen Filter

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100 Micron Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Food and Beverage Processing

Wedge Wire Screen Information:

Wedge mesh filter element, also known as Johnson filter element, wire winding screen tube and winding screen filter element. The wedge-shaped mesh filter element adopts stainless steel wedge wire welded screen tube with filtration accuracy of 25-800 microns. It is welded by stainless steel wedge wire and support strip, mainly including filter plate, filter basket, filter element and other products.

Wedge Wire Screen Features:

1. High strength, high hardness and strong durability;

2. Uniform gap and larger effective circulation area;

3. Larger variables;

4. Anti blocking design;

Wedge Wire Screen Application Fields:

1.  Petrochemical industry: catalytic reaction, hydrodesulfurization, styrene dehydrogenation, ammonia conversion, isomerization, other up-down

flow and radial flow;

2.  Sewage processor flood system: water source inlet, basement supply, carbon and resin retention, demineralization softening and ion

exchange, sand, filtration of dual and mixed media, wastewater and sludge treatment;

3.  Mineral processing, papermaking and food processing: screening, coal drying, starch filtration, pulp and plant fiber filtration, beverage filtration;

Wedge Wire Screen Technical Parameters:

1. Filtering accuracy: 25-800 microns

2. Outer diameter: 19-914m, continuous length up to 6m;

3. The section diameter of common circular support rod is 2-6mm, the width of common strip support rod is 1.5-4MM and the height is 6-40mm;

4. The length of steel wire of plane filter screen can reach 1800 mm and the support rod can reach 3000 mm;

5. Common products include square, rectangular and circular flat filter plates, filter baskets and filter elements

6. Hanke Technology supporting Customized


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