Customized vertical melt filter spinning melt filter for plastic line

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Customized vertical melt filter spinning melt filter for plastic line

The vertical melt filter is mainly used to filter polymer. Good quality melt filter can greatly improve the quality of spinning ,prolong the life of spinning pack and reduce the cost.

Vertical melt filter features:
Adopting the process route of lower inlet and upper outlet, outer inlet and inner outlet, exhaust and discharge, sewage and slag discharge, no dead angle, rapid passing, short residence time, ensuring the filtering effect, the valve seal adopts Co based cemented carbide, so that the sealing performance is better and the service life is long.


Vertical melt filter application scope:
Pet spinning short fiber and polyester zipper monofilament, plastic .
steel belt, plastic granulation and other fields.

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• We design, engineer and manufacture and customized the production line for every customer.
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