Knitted wire mesh gas liquid filter mesh with different material

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vibration & shock absorption, air & liquid filtration, gasket & sealing, heat transfer & insulation. Suitable for petroleum, chemicals, industries, medicine, machinery, shipbuilding, automobile, tractor industries such as distillation, filtration process, and used as automobile air filter.It can also be extruded to make filter equipment.

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Knitted mesh-cleaner is made of metal wire, also known as gas liquid separator filter mesh,is a kind of wire mesh in a special form. Its main components used in engineering such as engine noise reduction and mechanical shock absorption, and are also widely used in the automotive industry and the electronics industry.

Wire diameter specification range: 0.08~0.3mm flat wire or round wire. Single-strand weaving, multi-strand weaving, metal wire and non-metallic wire (various fibers) weaving, etc.

Knitted mesh cleaner is the most widely used type among all material knitted meshes.

Knitted mesh cleaner can be made of mono-filament or multi-filament. Mono-filament knitted mesh is the simplest type, which can be used in the common applications and the multi-filament knitted mesh has higher strength, which can be used in the heavy duty applications.

Knitted mesh cleaner is manufactured using a knitting process where the mesh is formed from a series of interlocking loops. The original stainless steel knitted mesh is flattened when complete production, but it can be made into ginning knitted mesh by machine according to customers’ requirements. Ginning knitted mesh has different shapes, width and depth of ginning, which can suit more applications. Additional, stainless steel knitted mesh can be compressed into compressed knitted mesh for better filtering efficiency.


Knitted mesh-cleaner / Gas Liquid Separator Filter Mesh
Material Stainless steel wire, Copper wire, Brass wire, Nickel wire, Titanium wire, Monel wire, galvanized wire, etc.
Woven type Crochet weaving
Filament Mono-filament, Multi-filament
Wire diameter 0.08-0.5mm, normally the diameter is 0.20—0.25mm
Width 40mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 600mm,etc
Hole size 2x3mm-4x5mm-12x6mm
Surface type Flattened , Ginning


Model Hole amount and width Wire diameter
Materials Weight
Standard type 40-100mm 0.1X0.4 1Cr18Ni9 1/0.5
60-180mm 0.1X0.4 1Cr18Ni9 1/0.5
140-400mm 0.1X0.4 1Cr18Ni9 1/0.5
40-100mm 0.27 Galvanized Lead wire 1/0.7
40-100mm 0.1X0.4 Red copper wire 1/0.7
Efficient type 70-100mm 0.1X0.3 Stainless steel wire 1/0.6
80-100mm 0.1X0.3 Stainless steel wire 1/0.6
90-150mm 0.1X0.3 Stainless steel wire 1/0.6
200-400mm 0.1X0.3 Stainless steel wire 1/0.6
60-100mm 0.1X0.5 Stainless steel wire 1/0.6
High weaving type 30-150mm 0.1X0.4 Stainless steel wire 1/0.4
70-400mm 0.1X0.4 Stainless steel wire 1/0.4

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