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Corrosion and rust resistance

Acid and alkali resistance

Strong structure

Economic and easy to install

Can clean when dirty

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Flame proofing wire mesh, sometimes known as ‘Davy lamp gauze’, is used as a screen within a flame arrestor.

Air (and any firedamp or flammable vapour present) passes through the mesh apertures freely enough to support combustion, but holes within the woven wire mesh are too fine to allow a flame to propagate through and ignite any flammable vapour on the outside of the mesh.

Due to its fire-resistant properties, Locker flame proof gauze wire mesh is commonly used as flame proofing within a wide range of industries including petrochemical, marine, automotive, mechanical and electrical installation.  It is particularly effective for the safe storage, transportation and processing of flammable liquids or gases.

Dust explosion accidents frequently occur in dedusting pipes of wheat dust, causing huge casualties and property losses. In this paper, a vertical pipeline of combustion experimental platform was established to obtain the effects of working conditions and double-layer wire mesh parameters on wheat dust flame propagation. The results show that the double-layer wire mesh has an obvious suppression effect on the flame propagation of wheat dust. At the combination of the same mesh number, both the peak flame temperature and the maximum flame propagation velocity decreased with the increasing of the mesh number, and the flame quenching phenomenon occurs at 80 mesh. At the combination of different mesh numbers, the flame temperature at the upper-density and lower-sparseness combination is lower than that at the upper-sparseness and lower-density combination under all working conditions. The flame temperature difference (ΔT) gradually increases with the increasing of mesh number difference, and the maximum ΔT appears at the mesh difference of 40 mesh. As the separation distance increases, the flame temperature rises, and the suppression effect is best at the separation distance of 1 cm. The peak combustion pressure is negatively linear with the separation distance.

Flame proofing wire mesh has the characteristics of strong anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance, firm solder joints, strong tensile force, bright surface, excellent resistance, and other characteristics. The product is processed by precise automated mechanical technology, with smooth mesh surface, strong structure and integrity Strong, even if part of the cut or part of the pressure will not cause relaxation


Low carbon steel,stainless steel,galvanized steel,etc different materials

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