3μm Gas controlling SS 304 High Temperature Workable Pleated Filter

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Pleated Filter has large filtration area, High porosity rate, Suitable for viscous liquid filtration, Workable in High temperature and high pressure. Application field: High Polymer, BOPP, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Refining, Hydraulic Machine, Gas Controlling,  plastic recycling industry, Water Treatment.



  • Filtration Rate: 3-200 Micron
  • Temperature: -50℃-800摄氏度
  • Diameter: 14-180mm
  • Length: 35-1500mm
  • Customized: Can be customized by demand
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    Stainless steel sintered fiber felt is a honey comb filter hole with high filtration rate. And it is a kind of durable and pleating-able, enough pleating can get bigger filtration area. Sintered into a graded pore structure, enjoys the advantages of high porosity rate, more filtration area, high dirt holding capacity and can be repeatedly used.

    Stainless steel woven wire cloth is made by weaving of stainless steel wire in a variety of diameters. Filter elements with stainless steel woven wire cloth as filter medium, enjoy such advantages of good strength, fastness, easily cleanable, heat-resistance and economic cost.

    Alloy: Stainless Steel, Duplex SS, Supper Duplex SS, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, FeCr Al, Fe3Al etc.

    -Large filtration area and particle holding capacity;
    -High porosity rate, good air permeability and filtration ability;
    -Suitable for viscous liquid filtration, recycled using after cleaning;
    -Workable in High temperature or and high pressure.

    -Filtration rate: 3-200μm
    -Temperature: -50℃-800℃
    -Diameter:14-180mm, Length:35-1500mm
    -Hanke Filter can be customized by your demands.


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