• The key part of basket filter is the filter core.The filter core consists of the filter frame and stainless steel wire mesh.The SS wire mesh belongs to the wear parts.It needs a special protection.
  • After the basket filter has worked for some time,it will precipitates a certain amount of the impurities in the filter core.Then the pressure will be increased and the flow speed will be reduced.So we should clean the impurities in the filter core in time.
  • When we clean the impurities,we should be careful to assure the SS wire mesh in the filter core will not be deformed or damaged.Otherwise,when you reuse the filter,the impurities of the filtered liquid will not reach to the designed requirement.And the compressors,pump or the instruments will be destroyed.
  • Once the SS wire mesh has been found to be deformed or damaged,we should replace it immediately.

Post time: Mar-31-2021