Stainless steel filter elements are divided into pleated  filter elements,  and sintered mesh filter elements.We will introduce the characteristics of stainless steel filter elements.

The characteristics of the metal filter element are: can be used under high temperature and high pressure; suitable for online low pressure backwashing and regeneration.

  According to the different forming methods, it is divided into metal mesh wound filter element, metal mesh (felt) folded filter element, metal plate mesh sintered filter element, metal powder sintered filter element, metal wedge wire wound filter element. The different features are introduced as below.

  (1) Metal mesh wound filter element: with 10~000pum filtration rate; according to the actual requirements of use, different support mesh layer structures can be selected inside and outside the filter. It is usually used where the filtration pressure is low and frequent backwashing is required.

  (2) Metal mesh (felt) pleated filter element:with 5~300um filter rate; the filter area after folding is greatly increased, and the strength of the filter element is also greatly improved. , Usually used in the situations where the filtration pressure is high and the larger dirt holding capacity is required; especially the application that allows the filter element to be removed and cleaned; in the chemical fiber, it also provides a melt filter element that can work at a pressure of more than 10MPa.

  (3) Metal plate mesh sintered filter element: filtration accuracy 5~200pum; the filter plate formed by sintering the multi-layer filter screen (including the inner and outer guard screen) under the condition of high temperature and high pressure can withstand high pressure difference and maintain surface filtration The characteristics, so it is easy to clean. It is usually used where the filter pressure difference is high and frequent online recoil is required.

  (4) Metal powder sintered filter element: filtration accuracy 0.5~100pum; the filter layer formed by sintering metal powder under high temperature and high conditions can withstand a high pressure difference. Because the formed filter layer has the characteristics of deep filtration in the thickness direction, Therefore, it is not easy to clean, but has a higher filtration accuracy and a larger single-time dirt holding capacity. It is usually used where high filtration accuracy is required, and the impurities are soft particles or colloidal substances, rather than metal filter elements that cannot be used, and where 3 to 5 online recoils are allowed.

  (5) Metal wedge wire wound filter element: The filtration accuracy is 25~5000pum, which is continuously wound by wedge wire, with high strength and large flow capacity. It can be reused repeatedly and works best. It is especially suitable for the LAC and SAS series of fully automatic backwash filtration systems launched by Feichao.

The above are the features of the stainless steel filter element.

Post time: Oct-11-2020